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" It's not a mere course, it’s the essence of life. Being creative is a necessity for today generation !
Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a necessity of life.
We offer specialised Art and Craft classes to children of all ages. This includes drawing, sketching, painting, shell art, craft work, custom party flowers, picture frames, and many more depending on children’s interest. Art and craft is a creative and engaging way to spend your time, unwind and learn exciting new things. Studies suggest that long hours of screens such as tablets, smart phones, laptops etc, can increase depression, anxiety and aggression. There is a great need to explore. Being creative is the best solution. Art and craft activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. These classes also offer health benefits- mainly to promote their development and mental health. We also conduct nature's trip to seek some fresh ideas.

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